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5'4"     Hazel Eyes     Blonde Hair     Mezzo Soprano   


The Effect of Gamma Rays    
    on Man-in-the-moon

Blood Wedding                         
Twelfth Night                            
All's Well that Ends Well      
A Dead Man’s Apartment        
The Fox on the Fairway           
Black Comedy            
A Doll’s House             
Down the Road           
The Blue Room          

Cyber Serenade         


The Mother






Kristine Linde

Little Bit

The Playwright

Arianna Arbunkle


The New School

The New School

The New School

The New School

The New School

Magic Circle Theatre, CA

UC Irvine

Shetler Studios

The Arclight Theatre

UC Irvine

College of the Siskiyous, CA


India Marie Paul

Andrès Lopéz Alicea

Alexandru Mihail

Nicky Maggio

Andrès Lopéz Alicea

Jack Stauffer

Steven F. Gonzalez

Spider-Duncan Christopher

Juan Reinoso

Steven F. Gonzalez

Peter Alzedo


The New School for Performing Arts, M.F.A. Acting

 Acting:          Kathleen Chalfant, Peter Jay Fernandez, David Chambers, Kathryn Rossetter, Ron Leibman,                                 Scott Whitehurst, Cotter Smith, Joe Grifasi, Stephen Brown-Fried, Karen Ludwig,

                       William Cusick

 Voice:            Patricia Fletcher (Dialects), Susan Cameron (NAS); Alba Quezada (Linklater); 

                       Dr. Chris Roselli (Musical Theatre)
 Movement:    Cynthia Reynolds, Teva Bjerken (Alexander); Shannon Stowe (Dance); Jean Taylor (Clown),                                   Shelley Wyant (Neutral Mask); Erica Fae (Grotowski & Viewpoints); Tom Schall (Stage Combat)

                       Ragnar Freidank (Michael Chekhov);

University of California at Irvine, B.A. Degree in Drama

 Instructors:     Bill Rauch (Directing); Keith Fowler (Acting & Directing); Eli Simon (Clown & Mask);
                       Richard Brestoff (Film/Television); Leslie Iishi, Marina Morrow (Acting); Jeanne LaSala (Speech)
                       Patrick Sabongui (Movement);

Additional Training

 New York:    Steve Beauchamp, Larkin Malloy (Acting/Scene Study); Andrea Cirie (Audition Coach)
 UCLA:         Tom Wheatley (Acting); Roberto Castilla (Movement)

 Dialects:        NAS, Classical American, Standard British (RP), Cockney, Estuary, Irish, NY, Russian, French


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